Search the Electoral Register from 2000 - 2015

Do you need to search the Electoral Register? Maybe you want to find a missing person, or check you are on the Electoral register or simply want to find out who lived at an address at a certain time. An electoral register search can be carried out for the years 2000 - 2015 and is quick easy accurate and free searches are also usually available.

What is the Electoral register ?

The electoral register is compiled for each and every electoral registration district and has two formats:The full version of the electoral register (also known as the electoral roll, voters register or voters roll) is available for  inspection by anybody at your local council offices.

The edited version of the electoral register is freely available to any person wishing to search it for any purpose. The data from this register is held on computer systems and searching takes a few seconds, is free to try and if you want to see any full address details returned then it only costs a few pence for premium results and that only if no free electoral register details are available for the person you are trying to find

Simply enter the name of the person and location below to start your search.

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Electoral Register Search
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