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Do you need to make an Electoral Register search? Maybe you need to find a missing person, check you are on the Electoral Register or simply want to find out who lived at a UK address at a certain time. An electoral register search can be carried out for the years 2000 - 2021, is quick, easy accurate and free searches are also available, as well as being free to try. Gain full access to the edited electoral roll.

An Electoral register search is a great way to find a missing person, maybe a long lost friend or even locate a debtor that owes you money and has vanished. Use the search box below to start your search.........

Providing instant search results of the Electoral Register, Electoral Roll, Consented Consumer Data, Deaths, Marriages as well as UK Property Ownership details to the general public.  Our up to the minute data for the UK Electoral Register will provide you with the address of any UK voter and the names of anyone else at the address, along with their ages, occupations, property prices, ariel photos and phone numbers where available.

If you need to find an old friend, relatives or a missing person in the UK, The Electoral Register is the best place to locate them. You can search by forename, surname, full name or by address and postcode, or by an area only say London, or a radius from an area say 30 miles around London. and receive INSTANT location results.

You can also carry out a search to check you are registered and that your details are correct, crucial if you are intending to vote in any elections or apply for credit.

Background Reports- Are they who they say they are?

Employing a tradesman to work in your home, a new babysitter, a new significant other or maybe you just want to check someone is who they say they are? A background report can provide a wealth of information to give you peace of mind. Information available includes Full Address , Telephone Numbers*, Co Occupants , Neighbours, Age Guide, Up to 5 Previous Addresses, Property Ownership/Prices**
2002-2020 Edited Electoral Registers, Current & Past Company Directorships, Disqualified Directors information, Alive or Dead Status, Insolvency Register**, County Court Judgments**, Significant Shareholdings, Company Financials *when available ** excl Scotland and Northern Ireland.

What is The Electoral Register?

The electoral register, also known as the electoral roll or voters roll / register lists the names and addresses of everyone in the UK that is registered to vote in general and local elections. When you carry out a search you will be able to see electoral data from 2000 to 2021, our data will show everyone who lives / lived at an address, date of births and even occupations. Searches are super fast and if no free data is available a paid for search costs just a few pence.

You must register to vote, be 16 or over and a UK or commonwealth national.

You can be fined if you don't have a valid excuse for not doing so.

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Individual Electoral Registration

This was introduced in 2014 for England, Scotland and Wales. Previously only one person in the household could register everyone living at the address, now with individual registration everybody can do their own registration, by registering their own details online.

Details recorded include name, address, national insurance number age and nationality. The full register is published yearly but updated every month, however online searches like ours are updated daily. Apart from electoral purposes the register is used for security and law enforcement, checking eligibilty for things like benefit payments and council tax, right through to jury service selection.

There is an open version of the register as well as an edited version. The open version is searchable by anybody for any purpose, the edited or closed version can only be searched by certain people like credit reference agencies.


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